How family law mediation benefits children

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Family separations are never easy, but they are especially difficult for children. Long divorce and child custody processes can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to their lives.

Therefore, many families have sought mediation rather than court solutions because this process helps parents develop creative, satisfactory solutions to the complex problems surrounding separation and custody. These are ways children benefit from family law mediation.

Focus on the best interests of the child

Although a family law judge typically awards custody based on the child’s best interest, mediators always put your child first. These third-party individuals maintain their focus on making the process as easy for the children as possible. Due to their focus on mitigating the effects of family separation on the children, they are more willing to help the parents solve their differences without the bitterness and confrontational actions that occur during divorce proceedings.

They encourage co-parenting

Most legal professionals see the benefits of having both parents involved in their children’s lives, and many judges now rule for joint physical and/or legal custody when it is possible and beneficial for the children. However, they do not help you work together and develop a plan to co-parent your child.

Mediators encourage effective communication among the parties, which reduces stress on the child. They also help both parents work together to create a detailed plan of action. They may also teach parents about flexibility, listening skills and the importance of truly hearing each other and their children.

As a parent, one of your most important jobs is to protect your children physically and emotionally. Protect them from your own bitterness, hurt and anger, especially during periods of upheaval in their lives.