Divorce mediation might be the right choice for your case

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When you’re going through a divorce, it may not be serious enough that you feel that you need to go to trial to resolve your disputes. What you may instead want to do is to look into divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation saves you time and money. It prevents you from having to wait for a trial, and you will likely spend less in attorney fees and on court fees, too.

When does divorce mediation work for a couple?

Divorce mediation can work for a couple if they are willing to talk through their disputes. Sometimes, mediation is a good choice for those with a single issue under dispute or when they just need a third party there to keep them on track with the discussion.

Can your attorney be present at a mediation session?

Yes, they can. In some respects, it’s better to have your attorney present. If you and your spouse come to an agreement, your attorneys can draw up the contract or settlement then and there, making it easier to move on without changing your minds later.

Mediation does not require you or your spouse to go to court. Instead, you will be able to focus on working through your negotiations outside court in a less formal setting. Your attorneys will speak with you both to decide if mediation is a good idea. If mediation will be too informal, you may want to try other alternative dispute resolution options such as arbitration or collaborative divorce. Our site has more on what you should consider when settling your marital estate.