Does your chosen career make you more likely to divorce?

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People get divorces for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s because of money problems, personal differences or infidelity, no two divorces are alike. However, researchers say that there are common factors that can sometimes predict whether a person is more likely to get a divorce.

If you are married and have a career here in Ohio, you might feel as though work has affected your relationship. According to experts, you could be correct. There are certain jobs that correlate with higher rates of divorce.

How does a career affect a marriage?

Certain careers can demand more of a person’s time than others. Depending on the couple, this can put strain on a marriage. Researchers say that there is a connection between long hours at work and the risk of divorce. This isn’t always a perfect formula, though.

Salary rates figure in as well. Statistics say that people who make more money are less likely to get a divorce. That could be why a career as a doctor, who likely works long hours but makes a high salary, is one of the jobs that is least likely to divorce.

What else affects a marriage and a career?

Experts say that, though many people assume that the current divorce rate in the United States is 50%, that figure is inaccurate. The divorce rate varies widely among different demographics. People who have no job at all are much more likely to experience a divorce than an employed person. A person’s race and level of education all factor into divorce rates as well.

What you might notice is that those three things — employment status, race and education — can also affect a person’s career. So, it is easy to see how a person’s career can end up influencing his or her relationship.

The 10 careers with the highest rates of divorce

  • Gaming or casino managers
  • Bartenders
  • Flight attendants
  • Gaming services workers
  • Rolling machine workers
  • Switchboard operators
  • Extruding and drawing machine workers
  • Telemarketers
  • Textile knitting and weaving machine operators
  • Extruding, forming, pressing and compacting machine workers

The 10 careers with the lowest rates of divorce

  • Actuaries
  • Physical scientists
  • Medical and life scientists
  • Clergy
  • Software developers, applications and systems software
  • Physical therapists
  • Optometrists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Directors of religious activities and education
  • Physicians and surgeons

The takeaway

Even if you have a job on the list of 10 least likely careers to divorce, your relationship could still break apart. There is no shame in getting divorced, no matter the circumstances. The best thing to do is get professional assistance for the process and work toward building your new future.