Divorcing? Here’s what to take to your attorney

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | divorce |

A divorce can change everything in your life, separating you from someone you’ve shared years of your life with and letting you start over. Depending on the side of the divorce you’re on, this might be an exciting prospect or one that terrifies you.

Fortunately, your attorney is there to help support you through your divorce, no matter how you feel about it. When you decide to divorce or are served with divorce papers, you need to reach out to your attorney right away. This is when you can begin collecting information about your assets and collect any evidence you need against your spouse.

A few things you can take with you when you meet with your attorney include:

  • Lists of assets
  • Documentation about your spouse, such as proof of abuse, cheating or other allegations you may want to make
  • Documentation providing information on separate assets

You will have a short time to respond to the divorce papers you’ve received if you are the recipient of a spouse’s request. Your attorney can talk to you about your response and help you fill out the paperwork correctly so that you can agree or disagree with the document’s contents.

It is essential to take all documentation you can with you to your attorney when you meet for the first time. Your attorney will review these documents and help you prepare for negotiations with your spouse. In the case that you and your spouse can’t agree on a settlement to your case, your attorney can also help represent you in a divorce trial.