Learn more about your options with divorce mediation

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You and your spouse always worked well together, but once you decided to divorce, that ended. Suddenly, all the things you did wrong or the things they did wrong came to a head, and you both can barely be in a room together.

Your situation is not strange. There are some questions that you may wish to have answered about divorce mediation and how it can help you, too. Here’s a little bit about how mediation can be beneficial.

Mediators are there to support you both

Mediators are third parties, and as such, they have no vested interest in the outcome of the case. Their goal is to get you and your spouse to talk through your differences and to come to an agreement you both can approve.

Mediators are more than referees, though. Mediators also:

  • Determine when one of the parties needs to better explain a request or need
  • Provide information about the legal system
  • Provide alternative options for solving problems that come up
  • Have referrals for third-party services, like appraisals for the home or financial advisors
  • Facilitate communication between you and your spouse without allowing for the communication to break down due to interruptions

As you can see, the mediator is not just there to listen. They have skills and experience to help you resolve your disputes, to help you build parenting plans, to put together separation agreements and more.

Our site has more on the importance of divorce mediation and how it can help you move forward with your case, especially if you’re willing to try to work together.