Can you move if you have primary custody of your child?

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As a parent who is always looking to make your child’s life better, you were thrilled to find out you were being offered a new job. The only problem is that it’s over 200 miles away, which means that you have to move.

Although your job is stable now, the new job will mean you’re making much more money. Your benefits are better, and the area where you’ll live is clean and has good schools. You think it’s the best option, but you’re not sure if you’ll be able to take the job due to your child.

If you share custody of your child in any way, you’ll need to get the court’s approval before you can move away. It is not fair for any parent to move without considering the other parent’s wishes. For instance, if your ex-spouse has visitation on the weekends, the 200-mile drive might not make that feasible any longer. You’ll have to get their approval and the court’s to be able to move legally.

What should you do if you want to change your custody arrangements?

If you want to change your custody arrangements, it’s a good idea to collect a few pieces of information for the court. The information should include:

  • Where you’re planning to move
  • The effect the move will have on your child’s schooling
  • The terms of your new job
  • Who will care for your child if you are working and not near the other parent
  • The names of any relatives who live in the new area

These are just a few pieces of information to collect for the court. Your attorney can give you more details on the information you need to provide to prove the need to move with your child.