Reasons alimony orders can be changed

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Alimony |

Either party involved in an alimony agreement has the ability to request a modification of the amount being paid or received. Because of this, there are specific reasons that courts most often accept as valid. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why an alimony order can be changed by the courts in Franklin, Ohio so you know what to request.

The party paying alimony can request to have the order reduced or even canceled based on a decreased need for support. This typically occurs once the recipient returns to the workforce, begins cohabiting with someone else or has remarried.

The party paying the alimony can request to have the order changed or canceled if they have become disabled and can no longer work or afford to make the payments and provide for themselves at the same time.

Has a financial emergency occurred in the life of the paying party? This is another reason the court can grant a change in the alimony agreement. A financial emergency occurs when the paying party has to make large payments due to some type of emergency in their life.

Does the paying party have new financial obligations? For example, did they have a baby with someone else? Did they adopt a child? Did they remarry and now have stepchildren? All of these are reasons why the court could reduce the amount of alimony being paid or cancel the agreement.

Changing an alimony order is far from impossible. It also doesn’t happen overnight. You will need to show a valid reason as to why the order should be changed, whether it’s an increase or a decrease in payment.