Child custody mediation and what to expect

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Divorcing is one of the most frightening things parents in Ohio face. In most cases, parents will search for ways to make the process of divorce and child custody proceedings as painless for the kids as possible. Mediation has become one of the top methods worried parents turn to in order to ease the transition for their kids.

Many times, first-time divorcing parents rely on the advice of family and friends who have already been through mediation successfully. Along with authoritative guidance from an attorney, this is often a big help for parents and children. Still, it would be even more helpful if parents had an idea of what to expect during the child custody mediation process. Below you will find some things you should be prepared for in child custody and divorce mediation proceedings.

  • Child custody mediation typically takes more than one session.
  • Some of these sessions can last two or three hours.
  • If you do not want to participate in mediation, you must notify the court in writing.
  • If a judge has ordered you to participate and you refuse, you might be held in contempt of court.
  • Willingness to cooperate with your spouse generally increases the chance of finding a fair resolution.

Mediating child custody matters can be just as scary as getting a divorce. If you need additional emotional support, ask your divorce mediation lawyer for advice. Many times, lawyers have accumulated a large network of professionals that can help parents through a traditional divorce, mediation and other family law matters. When all parties share the goal of helping children adjust to divorce, they are typically more willing to work together in a cooperative spirit.