Signs that your spouse may not be happy in your marriage

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In many cases, a divorce is not a surprise to either person. It is clear that it has been on the horizon for some time, and the divorce is just the end result of a breakdown in the relationship that happened long ago.

However, there are also cases where one spouse asks for a divorce, and the other person had no idea he or she was unhappy. It seemed like the relationship was going very well. That person may feel blindsided and may not be ready for the divorce at all.

To help you prepare, learn to watch for some of the potential signs that your spouse is not as happy as you thought.

  • He or she will never compromise. Every time the two of you disagree about something, even a minor thing like where to go for dinner, your spouse has to “win.” You constantly feel like you are just giving up on what you want.
  • He or she starts talking to you less. When you ask how your spouse’s day went, for instance, you just get one-word answers.
  • Your spouse starts going out with friends far more often, and you are typically not invited. This may show that he or she has more fun without you.
  • The physical side of your relationship deteriorates until it is practically nonexistent.
  • Your spouse wants far more alone time. He or she may not be out with friends or doing anything in particular, but you still spend far less time together.

If you see these signs and they do lead to a divorce, make sure you fully understand the legal process. The sooner you take actions to protect yourself in a divorce, the better.