Does remarrying change child support?

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You and your ex divorced five years ago, with a one-year-old child. Your ex got custody and you were told to pay child support. You did so diligently for years, but now your ex has moved on. He or she is getting remarried this summer.

The person your ex is marrying has a very good job, making far more than you do. When they’re married, it is clear that they’ll be able to take care of your child, financially speaking, without your help. Can you get those payments cancelled or do you still have to pay?

Typically, you still need to pay child support, though every case is unique. The courts generally agree that you still have the legal obligation to help with your own child, whether he or she needs it or not.

After all, the person your ex is marrying may resent having to take on the burden of 100 percent of your child’s expenses. Yes, it’s affordable, but child support is about more than just making sure life is affordable. It’s about responsibility and making sure that the parents who had the child are supporting that child. You do not get out of that responsibility just because your ex chose to marry someone with a very good income.

It may be possible for your ex to opt out of the payments, but this is typically not considered an advisable move. It’s also not something you just do on your own; the proper court order is needed before you can stop paying child support. Make sure you know all of the legal steps you’ll need to take if considering this option.

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