4 things that can end a marriage

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No matter how robust your marriage feels on your wedding day, it may end in divorce. A high percentage of relationships do.

While divorce happens for many reasons, experts can identify trends and find common reasons that show up again and again. Four examples are:

  1. Tragedy or catastrophe: Not all couples can weather something as devastating as the loss of a child. An extreme tragedy can make it harder to stay together. It’s just emotionally trying, and, rather than helping each other through it, some couples drift apart.
  2. Lack of appreciation: People want to feel valued. When one spouse feels like the other doesn’t care and ignores all that he or she adds to the relationship, it can lead to resentment.
  3. A different religious background: People may feel like religion, while important to each individual, does not have to be the same for a successful relationship. This can and does work, but some couples see religion come between them eventually. This is especially true if the couple has kids. Differences may have been easier to ignore on their own, but marital conflicts arise when they both want to raise the kids within their own religion.
  4. Different attitudes regarding money: One spouse never had much growing up and always wants to save. The other grew up wealthy and doesn’t ever think about money as something that can run out, thus leading to rampant spending. Both may grow to resent each other for these differing attitudes.

If you and your spouse head for divorce for one of these reasons or any other, make sure you are well aware of all of your legal rights regarding property division, child custody and more.

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