Tips to make divorce mediation go smoother

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Divorces have the reputation of being messy. If the case is handled by trial in court, it can be. The process can also be financially draining and emotionally taxing. These can be significant barriers to achieving the divorce you might feel you need, which is why alternative methods, such as mediation, are becoming more popular.

In a previous post, we highlighted some of the things that can make even mediated divorce a challenge. The gist of that entry was that mediation is collaborative by nature. If you or your spouse can’t be cooperative and communicative throughout the process, you won’t derive the potential benefits – generally lower costs and maintaining greater personal control of the outcomes. In this post, we seek to offer some tips on positive things that can make mediation go smoother.

Readers won’t be surprised that we believe enlisting an experienced attorney’s help is imperative, regardless of the method you choose when you are seeking a divorce in Ohio. If mediation is pursued, the following should be added to the checklist of To-Dos.

Choose your mediator carefully. As with any person you hire, you should find someone you are confident in and comfortable with. Your attorney likely can make some recommendations. You can then check candidate qualifications and certifications. You can also ask the candidate for references.

Write down all the issues you need to cover. This might be done as part of the initial meeting of the mediation process. However, many consider it good practice to take time before that to gather your thoughts. You can also seek input from others, including your attorney.

Truly commit to the process. As we already noted, cooperation is essential. If commitment to the process breaks down, litigation might follow. Still, you will probably have resolved most matters and those agreements can be incorporated into any final settlement.

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