Can you learn any life lessons from divorce?

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You don’t have a choice in whether or not you get divorced. Your spouse filed the paperwork, seeking to end the marriage.

What you’re wondering is how you can make the best of it. You’ve always been a positive person. You are always seeking to improve yourself. What can you learn from a divorce?

1. You learn about your own strength

This can be a trying time, but you will work your way through it. You may be making huge life changes: going back into the workforce, finding a new place to live or changing your relationship with your children as custody rights get divided. But you will get through it and create the life you’ve always wanted, and you’ll learn something about yourself in the process.

2. You learn who your real friends are

Not all of your friends are still going to be your friends after the divorce. Some were really your spouse’s friends. Even with those you do keep, you will find out who the best ones are because they’ll listen to you more than they’ll talk and give you advice.

3. You learn that material possessions are not everything

It’s easy to fall into the trap of materialism. Splitting up helps to break that bad habit. You and your spouse have to divide your assets. You may have to move, and you may have to sell things to downsize. If your self-worth came from your home and your neighborhood, for instance, you get to learn where your real value lies.

As you work through this process, make sure you know all of your legal rights concerning child custody, parental rights, asset division and more.

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