What are the benefits of mediation in divorce?

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The word divorce can bring about a surge of emotions. After you get past the initial shock of hearing the word for the first time from your spouse, you need to begin planning for the future.

You won’t want to wait long to plan, because you could find yourself in a bad financial situation if you do. An often overlooked option you have when getting divorced is mediation. What benefits does mediation offer in a Franklin, Ohio divorce?

The biggest benefit of mediation is that it is administered by a neutral third party. Even though you can bring your divorce attorney with you, the third party will run the show. He or she will not make decisions for you, but will instead help the two sides listen to each other and come to amicable agreements.

Mediation is also good for reducing the amount of conflict between the divorcing spouses, especially if there are children in the relationship. You will want to keep things as nice as possible for your children, particularly when it comes to figuring out a child custody agreement.

You will also find greater satisfaction in the end result of the divorce when using mediation. The decisions being made are decided so by you and your spouse, not a judge. This can help both of you feel better about the outcome of the divorce.

It’s more likely for you and your spouse to continue some sort of positive relationship following the divorce if you go through mediation. This is an excellent benefit if you have children.

Were you shocked to learn that your spouse wants a divorce? Even if your marriage has struggled of late, it can still be difficult to learn that divorce is imminent. Be sure to try mediation in your divorce with the help of your divorce attorney.

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