I’m getting a divorce. Will I have to go to court?

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The decision to move forward with a divorce is not an easy choice. If you are facing the likelihood that your marriage is over, you may be dreading the prospect of going to court, allowing multiple people to hear your private business and fighting over various issues. Fortunately, there could be a better way.

Not every Ohio couple needs to go to court to settle their divorce. In some cases, an uncontested divorce is a possibility. An uncontested divorce simply means that you and your spouse are in agreement on all major divorce issues. This eliminates the need to go to court, and it could make the process of ending your marriage easier for all parties.

Why is uncontested divorce easier? 

Depending on the nature of your individual situation, an uncontested divorce could be easier for many reasons. Not everyone who wants an easy divorce process can choose to file for an uncontested divorce. The main stipulation for this is that both parties have no remaining disputes between them. You and your spouse will have to discuss and agree on all matter pertaining to custody, visitation, property division and other issues before you file.

There are many reasons why a couple would choose to file for an uncontested divorce in addition to the fact that it is easier. Some of these reasons include:

  • Because both parties already resolved all divorce issues, it takes less time to complete an uncontested divorce.
  • This option can cost less than contested divorces.
  • An uncontested divorce can allow you the opportunity to have more control over the details of your final divorce order.

Before you make any decisions that could have a significant impact on your future, you will find it beneficial to fully explore all of the options available to you. There is a lot at stake during a divorce, but with guidance, you can pursue a strong and stable future.

Protecting your interests

Even in an uncontested divorce, protecting your interests is important. You would be prudent to seek the guidance of an experienced legal ally as you draft your divorce agreement. This can help you ensure the full protection of your rights and interests long after the divorce is final.

It is possible to complete the entire divorce process without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. If you and your spouse agree on how your divorce should work and there is no need for litigation, uncontested divorce could be the most appropriate option for you.