Dissolution may make for an easier divorce process

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Divorce is often portrayed on television as an acrimonious process, with two spouses dragging out a battle over who gets to keep the house or the children. The reality is that not everyone contests a marital split-up, with both parties at odds about how to handle their related matters.

In Ohio, you can save stress, time and money by choosing a process known as marriage dissolution, which is an alternative to your traditional contested divorce process. Marital dissolution may make ending your marriage a much easier ordeal for everyone involved, including the children. In fact, those who have young children may especially find it helpful because they learn early on how to find common ground and work together when they have disagreements — something they will have to do as co-parents after the finalization of their divorce.

What exactly is marital dissolution?

In marital dissolution, you and your spouse work toward reaching an agreement outside of court that details how you will resolve your relevant issues. These matters include spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, and the division of marital property and debt, for instance. You explain the agreement in writing, and you submit the written agreement, as well as your shared parenting plan, to the court to receive approval.

Will it work for me?

The full cooperation of both spouses is necessary for marriage dissolution to work effectively. During this process, the court cannot issue any temporary orders, as it is involved only during your final hearing. In addition, you cannot force your future ex to provide any financial data or other types of information.

If you are unable to reach an agreement on each issue, then you unfortunately cannot complete your dissolution. Instead, you will have to file a contested divorce. About 50 percent of divorces in Ohio begin as dissolutions, but under 33 percent complete this process.

What is the length of the marriage dissolution process?

How long it takes to complete marital dissolution depends on how long it takes for you and your future ex to achieve an agreement. The process usually takes some months, but every situation is different. During your divorce process, you have the right to pursue an outcome that is fair, reasonable and personally beneficial considering the circumstances surrounding your marital split-up.