Effective Contempt And Enforcement Representation

What is the power implicit in a divorce decree? It is the power of the court to enforce the orders it issues. The court has many tools to back up its order. It can cite individuals for contempt of a court order. It can order wage garnishment, seizure and auction of property, or jailing of the noncompliant party.

The family lawyers at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson are familiar with this power. Over the years, they have represented the interests of both sides in these struggles: the side that seeks enforcement and the side that believes enforcement is inappropriate given the circumstances.

To enforce a court order, you must first file a motion stating how the other party has violated the agreement set forth by the court. It is important that you make your case compellingly, or the judge will simply say no. Our lawyers are skilled writers and communicators. We know what kinds of evidence persuade and what kinds weaken your case.

Working for the other side, we have experience pointing out the weaknesses of the case being made against you. Was the other side fair to you? Were you able to pay the money owed? Were there other circumstances that prevented you from meeting the terms of the order? Are the facts against you even true?

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