Shared Parenting And Child Custody For School Purposes Only

Ohio follows two concepts in determining child custody that are sometimes misunderstood. The first is allocating parental rights and responsibilities (which we call custody), and the second is shared parenting.

The concept of custody says that one parent is the residential parent and legal custodian. This parent has primary responsibility for the child, making all the important decisions about health, education, etc.

Shared parenting is different. It is not 50-50 sharing of the child. Instead, both parents are considered both residential parent and legal custodian. But one parent will be named the residential parent for school purposes only. The reason for this is that schools need to know where the child lives to facilitate proper placement.

When parents agree to shared parenting, both are designated as residential parents, even though one parent may have a separate designation as the "residential parent for school placement purposes only."

The lawyers at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson work with parents to fashion parenting time schedules setting forth regular parenting time and the sharing of holidays and school breaks. Our goal is always to create a schedule that works for both sides and that is in the child's best interests.

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